Possibili Passi Per Rimozione +1-888-660-4999 Pop-up da Windows XP

Liberarsi di +1-888-660-4999 Pop-up from Windows 10 : Buttar fuori +1-888-660-4999 Pop-up

Errori generati da +1-888-660-4999 Pop-up
0x000000EC, 0x000000C9, 0x80248014 WU_E_DS_UNKNOWNSERVICE An operation did not complete because the service is not in the data store., 0x000000AC, 0x00000077, 0xf0825 CBS_E_CANNOT_UNINSTALL Package cannot be uninstalled., 0x0000003A, 0x0000011B, Error 0x80070103, 0x80244035 WU_E_PT_ECP_FILE_LOCATION_ERROR External cab processor was unable to get file locations., 0x80248010 WU_E_DS_CANNOTREGISTER The data store is not allowed to be registered with COM in the current process., 0x8024002B WU_E_LEGACYSERVER An operation did not complete because it requires a newer version of server., 0x000000D2, 0x000000F3, 0x80240012 WU_E_REG_VALUE_INVALID An invalid registry value was read., 0x0000005B, 0x8024D013 WU_E_SETUP_WRONG_SERVER_VERSION Windows Update Agent could not be updated because the server does not contain update information for this version., 0x80240003 WU_E_UNKNOWN_ID An ID cannot be found., 0x00000016
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